About Clamnuts

My name is Bob Byrne, I’m from Dublin, Ireland but now live in Malta.


I write and draw comics.

In a career that has included working as a snake handler, baker, forklift driver, designing teddy bears and toys amongst other things, making comics has always been a part of my life.

It´s been over a decade since I launched this site and a lot of things have happened since then.

If you are unfamiliar with my work I think the above timeline will help bring you up to speed.

Even if you’ve been reading my stuff for years, the timeline will help you get a handle on where it all fits together. It’s rare to meet somebody who both knows (and likes) all of my output/antics. Me included.

This has always been a pain in the arse for me; each project has nothing to do with the previous or subsequent one…

The parent who reads my children’s book would be appalled by Spazzmoid, the lovers of The Shiznit and Spazzmoid have no interest in reading Mister Amperduke. The astute and perceptive readers who enjoy Amperduke and Twisted Tales rightly hate MBLEH!

There are lots of projects not mentioned in the timeline but you can find them elsewhere on this site.

After years of fiddling about with comics of vary degrees of awfulness I took the bull by the horn and self published the unpleasant and equally unpronounceable comic MBLEH! which
although very rough around the edges it holds the lame title as being the first Irish comic to be distributed worldwide.

Trading back then as Clamnut Comix, I started this site and it rapidly became a hit with angry loners waiting for MySpace to be invented.

MBLEH! begat the free pocket sized comic The Shiznit which really took Ireland by storm. In between The Shiznit I started my silent opus Mister Amperduke; a wordless graphic novel that took five years to complete.

I love wordless comics.

Why the majority of comics have text baffles me. Its a graphic medium so why so many words?

I write and draw a series of wordless comics for 2000AD called Bob Byrne’s Twisted Tales.

A few years ago I moved out of Dublin and relocated to southern Spain for 5 years and now Malta.

And from my sunny cave I continue to write and draw comics, make educational apps and experiment with interactive storytelling.

Thanks for visiting, take a look around and please be warned that although I have significantly toned down the content of this site; there is a lot of NSFW material which is not suitable for children or the easily ruffled.

Hire me for your illustration, comic or animation project, you can visit my design site here.

2 thoughts on “About Clamnuts

  1. C says:

    >>Why the majority of comics have text baffles me. Its a graphic medium so why so many words?

    Text is the best way for comics to ‘illustrate’ dialogue.

    I avoid buying comics without text because I feel like I don’t get as much value for money. It makes sence – people tend to scan artwork much faster if they don’t have to read.

    Compared with movies & books, comics have to be the most expensive form of entertainment per minute. A 4 euro comic can be read in less than 15 mins. A cinema ticket costs around 8 euros and lasts 90+mins.

    So, it’s about the money.

  2. Jayzer says:

    Thats silly. Its not about money or value. Its a whole different experience.

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