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 Told without words through over 2,000 panels, Mister Amperduke is an epic, fast paced, and dark adventure that offers a new mode of graphic storytelling.

Amperville is a miniature LEGO city that Mister Amperduke builds and maintains a hobby.

The tiny LEGO people live a blissful life in their manufactured utopia until Mister Amperduke’s grandson drops a Nechradon into their world.

Mr. Amperduke is hospitalised while the vicious monster unleashes a devastating rampage on his model society.

The citizens are helpless as the monster destroys everything.

It’s a race against time as their benevolent master struggles to return home through his injury and bad traffic while the giant insect relentlessly devours the trapped citizens.

Blood is spilled and leaders emerge.

But there is a secret weapon lying in wait and ready to do battle…

The whole book uses no words, the reader is involved in a different way than a normal Graphic Novel. There are hidden stories and details waiting to be discovered by the reader.

What is the Extended Version?

As the book went into it’s third printing I decided to fix up some artwork and add some extras:

– Tribute gallery featuring Amperduke pin-ups from comic greats such as Guy Davis (BPRD, Hellboy), Stephen Mooney (Angel), Will Sliney (Star Wars), Declan Shalvey (Thunderbolts), Stephen Thompson (Star Trek)

– The making of: A four page comic detailing the Making Of Amperduke

– A preview of the forthcoming sequel/prequel Tourist Trade

Because this book took about 5 years to draw and I started when I was 22, a lot of the artwork was terrible. So I fixed up a few parts. But even with that there are lots of panels that I would love to re-do.

Sort of like those dudes that paint the Golden Gate Bridge; by the time they finish painting one side, the other side needs to be painted again. Thats Amperduke.

The Prequel Book: Tourist Trade

I am currently working on a massive sequel/prequel book, check it out here


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