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  • Posted by Bobby
  • 17th Apr 13

Another red herring…Scampi setting up his SNES. I think I added the little device in panel 6 to show the difference between Amperduke’s and Scampi’s world. But it distracts form the flow.

Hey, if you have ever tried to set up a Nintendo on an old person’s television you can relate to this scene.

To a kid its just a speedbump to playing Mario Kart but when your Grandparents see you MOVING THE TELEVISION and then pulling out cables and plugging in new cables here and there its akin to ripping pages out of their wedding album.

Also a glimpse of Amperduke smoking, which I presume he does whenever guests come over because his wife can’t nag him. Him smoking is a key part of this standalone story

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MISTER AMPERDUKE is a wordless graphic novel originally released in 2008. I wrote and drew the whole thing over a five year period.

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The story is told through about 2000 comic panels, without using words. It follows the plight of the tiny LEGO®-like citizens of Mister Amperduke’s miniature city which he constructs and maintains as a hobby. It’s a little different than most comics but give it a try. Maybe it won’t work as a webcomic but lets see how it goes!

Here is a standalone 6 page story to get you into the groove.

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