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SPAZZMOID: Today We Will Worship Michael Landon

You will know me better than I know myself after reading this book. Dipping in and out of my childhood and wasted years in my 20?s, Spazzmoid collects the entire webcomic along with loads of exclusive material including of course; the gripping resolution to the Michael Landon story.

SPAZZMOID was the title of a weekly webcomic series I used to run here on Clamnuts. The Michael Landon story took up most of the two year output but there were lots of one shots of varying quality and taste.

You can now get the entire collection in one tidy package. Either in the glorious print edition or through the oh so modern Pay What You Want model. Yes that means anywhere between zero and more than zero.

The print version is full colour and has 126 pages.

It has about 20 more pages of content than the digital version which has 195. Don’t ask. The book has 2 comics per page while the digital version has them one per page so it displays beautiful on screen.

Just a note: 95% of this book is completely NSFW. Adults only.  Not suitable for children or those easily ruffled by juvenile humour and the truth.

This is nothing like Mister Amperduke so be warned.


 This fellow is certainly pleased with it.


 The print version not only has 120+ pages but also a photo of me after suffering a nervous breakdown

* * * *

Below follows an overview of the contents….

 Today we will worship Michael Landon

This is the main story, I think it runs for about 60 pages. It’s a rambling but personal memoir of my childhood in 1980′s Dublin and being a sap.

In no particular order here are some excerpts:


Getting ready to fight. Eating Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls to Dawn of the Dead.


The man from Del Monte, a story about a very odd coincidence.


From the resolution to Michael Landon. This has never been published and is only in Digital and Print edition.


The day I was a stud to three sisters.


The FACE OF TERROR…a story of intrigue and deception


I took cocaine when I was 8 years old.


Trespassing is always fun.


I joined the Provisional IRA when I was a kid too.

* * * *

Games Workshop and the I.H.G.H.D.S System of Excellence.


This is a 24 page story exclusive to the Digital and Print Versions. It has never been published online or anywhere else. 

preview 2

It follows a real life pub conversation where I solve everyone’s problems. I will blow your mind. BOOM!


Watch how I explain life.


And of course, this is all NSFW adult only. It’s two men talking in a pub. Word for word.

 * * * *


 A hasty rant about The Thing remake. I was 5343% vindicated.


* * * *

Also features the entire Uncle Spunk Nugget mess

Uncle Spunk Nugget is made of anamorphic sperm jelly and can transform into a variety of shapes and weapons. Together with his nephew Billy they must battle their way out of a pederast convention.

I honestly don’t know what to say about this comic other than I sort of regret making it, don’t remember making it and wouldn’t read it if I hadn’t made it. If you are young and impressed with terrible contemporary animated adult shows you might like it.



 Heh, I like this sequence; a giant spunk squid and space hopper. Splonch.


Giant Spunk Ant vs Giant Spider.


Add a bowl of gumballs and Uncle Spunk Nugget becomes a machine gun. Blonch.

* * * *

Lando in the house 

A touching tale about me as a young pup discovering the world.


* * * *


A perennial classic from over 10 years ago. Without words and any sense of the reader’s patience.


* * * *

And a few other bits and pieces



Yep. You heard me.


* * * *

So yeah, that’s what’s in the book. Please pass this link on to your friends and spread the word, it’s much appreciated.




Pay what you want for Digital Version

Buy Print Version on

Full colour Paperback: 126 pages available worldwide through Amazon.