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We are a 2D Animation and Design Studio based in Dublin, Ireland.

Along with developing our own brands and ideas, we work with nice people and companies from all over the world to create entertaining educational products and promotional material.

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Hello there. I´m Bob Byrne and I founded Clamnuts twenty long years ago.

From the crude, black and white days of the Irish underground comics scene to helping change how languages are learned, it has been a crazy but unbelievable couple of decades.

What started as a one-man publishing venture in 1999, we have grown (and grown-up!) in a few different directions to become our small and adaptable team of designers, animators and developers.

After a few years of working in physical product design and working with licensed properties, I dove/was pushed into the then-new and novel world of mobile content (wallpapers and clunky Java games!).

I dabbled in creating language learning apps and this opened up many doors for me. I spent a few years working with companies in different and diverse industries such as financial tech startups and EU-funded initiatives but after becoming a dad I found my focus shifting back to games, comics, and cartoons for younger viewers.

Now we are making physical, educational board games for the whole family.

Talk to us about your B2B and B2C design needs. Our services include illustration, storyboarding, character design, 2D animation, scriptwriting, explainer, and promotional videos, app and game development.


Say Hewwo!

Drop us a line if you would like to chat about working together on an illustration, design, or video project.

Email hewwo@clamnuts.com