The Shizzle - Affinity Designer Styles and Asset Pack
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The Shizzle – Affinity Designer Style and Asset Pack

A Style and Asset Pack for Affinity Designer

The Shizzle – Affinity Designer Style and Asset Pack

A massive library of Styles for Affinity Designer

Available now on the Affinity Store!

Apply textures, hand-drawn patterns and tones to your vectors with just one click. Resize and fine-tune your creations through the wonder of Affinity Designer’s Appearance Studio. 

The Shizzle Style and Brush Pack allows artists of all types to rapidly compose illustrations and designs without the need for a graphic tablet – you can use a regular mouse.

Includes: Grains, tones, dots, shadows, hand made patterns and dark textures full of character.

  • 100+ Styles which apply bitmaps textures and fills
  • 25 Vector Brushes
  • An Asset pack of useful bits and pieces
  • Sample .afdesign projects
  • Tips and Tricks pdf

About The Shizzle

A few years ago, every professional digital artist that I knew used a graphics tablet as part of their daily workflow.
 Now the trend is to mostly use an iPad to draw while the graphic tablet gathers dust.
These days I only use a mouse on my desktop machine.

I came to realise that the majority of casual artists and hobbyists don’t own or use graphics tablets either. 
I began building a library of custom Styles when the Appearance Studio arrived in Affinity Designer 1.7. This ever-growing list of textures and experimental styles eventually became The Shizzle.

The Shizzle allows you to rapidly compose layouts and polished illustrations with a regular mouse. 
You can apply textures, strokes, fills and hand-drawn images to your clean vector shapes with one click and because they are vectors, you will always be able to edit and play with your work.


Bob @clamnuts