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La Huerta – new comic about my time in Spain

La Huerta – new comic about my time in Spain

Last week we dodged a river sized bullet in the worst flooding in Murcia in over 100 years

Check it out, it was rough stuff.

The damage and death toll could have been much worse and in my own case, I was incredibly flukey.

I bought a house directly in front of a river and by sheer topographic luck, our little lane wasn´t hit bad while the neighbouring village got washed out.

We spent a terrible night away from home after being evacuated and I tossed and turned replaying the whole Spanish adventure to myself. So once I get Moku Mundo rolling and a couple of other things done I´m going to give a weekly webcomic a go.

Here is a preliminary sketch for the first page/cover. One morning while walking the dogs, I saw a peacock strolling through some orange trees and its something I can´t get out of my mind.

Comic cover La Huerta

I live in an orange orchard and between all my other shenanigans, I have come to realise that I live a strange life over here. I shoot pesky rats out of trees with the same nonchalance as paying my bus fare back in Dublin. I have loads of fairly happy stories to tell. Bit of gloom in there too of course.

The floods shook me and put some things in perspective. One being that I love La Huerta.

Here a couple of clips to give you a sense of the setting and pace of life.