A look a the Shizzle and looking for Ciúnas the Irish punk band
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Shizzle and Ciúnas

A Style and Asset Pack for Affinity Designer

Shizzle and Ciúnas

Got the little header image working. Nice. We´re rolling now with the new blog.

In the spirit of the season, I made this quick video of me dicking around with the evergrowing Shizzle Style and Asset Pack.

That hag’s nose is just a tapered line with a second outline behind it thanks to the new Appearance studio.

Affinity Designer Appearance Studio


I was messing around on the iPad last night for ages and found loads of new things in Affinity Designer 1.7 so I need to update this week´s review.

Searching for Ciúnas

The song in the video above is by Ciúnas (Irish for “calmness” or “silence” I think, teachers always shouted it) who were a brilliant band active between 1990 and 1991 on the F.O.A.D label and this track was something of an anthem…in my bedroom. That and humping pillows.

“Life” has been looping in my head recently and if anybody has any information or contacts for the lads, please get in touch as I would love to do something with that song. And also…eh…ask permission to use it for this project.

I’m also putting out the feelers to get back in touch with Mero the maniac who ran Rejected Records in Dublin. If you are out there man please drop me a line.