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The Banana Republic Comic and the Bono files

This comic was made at the last minute after a bloke from Portugal (I think?) contacted me out of the blue about contributing to a comics anthology. Each European country was represented by an artist and this was my entry. The incident below was fresh in my mind, I think it happened the month previous.

Looking at it now, it makes me sort of nostalgic about Manga Studio (now wisely called Clip Studio) and how I used to bang out comics weekly on that scruffy Wacom.

The third panel is interesting. That was a goofy, adolescent line which I used a few times but now I could write a whole series about the real causes of The Famine.

Irish famine comic


Irish comic

I remember a few years on Facebook having to defend this as being made up and sure enough, when I checked, the official Embassy website did not show the banana factory as a contact or the email address wasn’t publicly visible.

But looky looky heeerrr.  How´s you like dem bananents?

irish embassy consulate alicante spain

It is located in this company.  

And fair play to them! I don’t know what I would have done if there wasn’t an Irish consulate in Alicante. I’d probably have to go to Seville which is about 5hrs away.

Another thing in this comic is that now I really don’t care about Bono or hold any disdain for him.

Back in the day, he used to drive me absolutely crazy but that was when there was no internet really and there were only about three Irish celebrities. I dedicated a lot of time to slagging him online and in the pages of The Shiznit. Below are three of the better pages from the Bono Files (2004 everybody…you were allowed call people ponces back then so calm down).

Like most things which fired me up in my twenties, his name now evokes no emotion. I used to get wound up over everything. Nothing really bothers me these days. I want to get up early with no knee pain, walk the dogs, swim, eat, do a poo, work for a bit and then go to bed. That’s it. That’s all I’m interested in these days.



And as with everything back then, the above was made in Corel!! Nuff respect.


Bob @clamnuts

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